Donation Program

Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program

You can help the club earn a percentage of Kroger’s donations to the program by using your Kroger Plus Card whenever you make purchases at Kroger.

Please (click here) to open and print the “Kroger Customer Letter/SWBC Bar Code”, take it to Kroger on your next visit, join the Kroger Plus Cardprogram if not already a member and have the Kroger customer service desk or cashier scan your Kroger Plus Card and the bar code on the form so that subsequent purchases you make with your Kroger Plus Card can benefit the club.  Membership in the Southwest Bluegrass Club is not a prerequisite for this program. If you are not a member of the club, you can still help us out by joining the Kroger program.

Please be aware that the program states: “if the Kroger Plus Card is not presented during a transaction, your organization’s account will not be credited”. Merely giving the cashier your phone number may avail you of any Kroger Plus discounts — but your purchase will not benefit the club so please remember to use your Kroger Plus Card whenever you shop at Kroger.